Benefits Solutions – Value based design

Black Ink Solutions believes that the key to any health plan is to create a value based benefit design.

Employers should now be looking for evidence based benefit designs that are developed to help steer those on the plan to appropriate and effective clinical intervention. This requires strategic prevention in conjunction with effective treatment with high performing providers.

In order to create a design that works it requires commitment from all players involved, including senior management, health plans and providers. This approach allows the employer to fix a system that is less than efficient to say the least.

Currently in the marketplace benefit designs are founded on putting restrictions in place rather than incenting positive behaviors. Statistics show however, that 80% of all large claims are a direct result of lifestyle choices. A large part of this problem is that the distribution of benefits is not directed to those with medical needs or those at high risk.

This current benefit design has created a short term gain resulting in long term loss. There is a tremendous amount of evidence that demonstrates cost shifting leads to decreases in essential as well as non-essential care.

How Effective?

Ask our clients. Remember, over the past 5 years our clients have enjoyed an average of a 3% decrease in overall healthcare costs. We let the numbers speak for themselves.

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