AWAC® Watches for the Storms...

AWAC®, is a physician-monitored computer system that identifies risks and their level of severity, predicts possible outcomes, and recommends actions for early intervention and treatment — providing life-saving benefits to the employee and a major cost-saver for the employer.

The AWAC® system, with its iHealth™ wellness and iCost™ disease management components, automatically "red flags" high risk patients: severe hypertension is monitored for coronary artery disease or stroke risk; high blood sugar is monitored for diabetes risk. AWAC® (Advanced Warning and Containment) also spots inaccurately billed claims, a major healthcare cost driver.

AWAC® works by entering claims into the system, which nightly screens claims and prescription drug data, comparing it to thousands of medical and financial algorithms to identify at-risk claimants before conditions become life-threatening. It can identify high-risk cases from claims as small as $30. AWAC® is a "straight line" to physicians with first-hand knowledge of such conditions who review the claims, supported by more than 140 physician specialists, as well as registered nurses and pharmacotherapists.

Once a case has been identified, AWAC® physicians and other team members work with the patient, attending physician, and employer to ensure the best possible care at optimum savings. "It takes a skilled physician, with hands-on experience in the specialty in question, to communicate with attending physicians, manage expensive cases, review billing in a clinical context and negotiate claims," said Dr. John Richards Jr., AWAC® President and CEO. AWAC® also incorporates a nationwide provider network offering real discounts.

AWAC® offers comprehensive, nationwide medical management services that are not limited by diagnosis or problem, including:
  • Early identification of catastrophic cases
  • A national provider network
  • Access to specialty case managers
  • Pre-admission negotiations
  • Physician claims review / retroactive negotiations
  • Renal, transplant, liver, cardiology, orthopedic, and neonatal management programs
  • A comprehensive wellness program
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