AWAC® Testimonials

"Our clients look at the savings reports and can't believe what they see."
    – Tome Byrd, President, Group Resources

"I haven't seen or heard of anything else like it on the market."
    – Jim Williams, President, Lockard & Williams

"Every decade, something comes along to change the industry, and I believe AWAC® is on of those defining tools."
    – Linie Humpel, President, The Benefit Group

"This will let us show our clients that we're not here just to process claims but to help them control costs and still deliver the kind of care their critically ill employees need and deserve."
    – Paul Savina, EVP, Insurance Design Administration

"The realization is that AWAC® is the best product on the market!"
    – Dennis Irwin, MD, Medical Director, Allianz

"There is nothing on the market that even comes close."
    – Mary Smith, President, Insurance Management Administrators

"I've seen them all. There is nobody doing what you're doing."
    – David Rearick, DO, former Medical Director, Coalition America

"This is the most sophisticated program of integrated, practical applications for cost containment in the marketplace."
    – Alan Ross, BP, ppoNext

"This is amamzing! I have never seen anything like this! This is worth 10%!"
    – Bill Knarr, President, R.E. Moulton
"Your cost containment strategies, negotiations and disease management techniques have made us heroes to our clients."
    – Jim Lewis, President, Corporate Benefits Solutions, Inc.

"You people are the only thing watching over our insureds."
    – Kelley Flaherty, AWAC® Coordinator Group Resources

"I can't begin to count the number of times that AWAC® and 'my doctors' have picked up something that dramatically improved the health of our insureds."
    – Mary Smith, President, Insurance Management Administrators

"Doing what is in the best interest of the patient will, in the long run, generally be what is in the best interest of the Plan."
    – John W. Richards, Jr., MD, MMM, CPE, President, Innovative Health Strategies &

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